Dawn Public School, p.o.edakkara,Via.chelannur, Kozhikode | PH : 0495 2850075


  • The first bell goes at 9.40 am. All students should reach the school before the first bell.
  • Students should punctually attend the classes. If any student is unable to attend the class, the parent or guardian should apply for leave. After leave or absence the student will not be admitted the class unless the parent/guardian has reported the fact and signed in the diary in the leave record page.
  • Once the student attends the school he/she will not be allowed any sort of leave. In case of emergency the student will be escorted home by the parent with the permission of the Principal.
  • Frequent and unauthorised absence from the class, lack of interest in study, disobedience to the teachers, indecent talk and conduct are sufficient reasons for dismissal from the school.
  • A student shall be removed from the rolls if he/she has been absent without leave for 15 days continously.
  • On working days and at school functions students are expected to wear the uniform prescribed. The uniform shall always be kept clean, sober and dignified. Wearing gold ornaments or other valuable jewellery while at school must be avoided.
  • Students must attend all class tests and other terminal examinations conducted in the school. Those who absent themselves from these examinations will not be allowed to attend the class without adequate explanations by the parent or guardian.
  • After each examination Parents are requested to come check and sign the Progress report without delay.
  • The second and third instalment of fee must be paid on or before 10th August and 10th December.
  • This diary should be kept carefully and brought to class on all working days. Parents are requested to check the diaries daily to see that the instructions are being followed by students property.